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Beyond Belief

Inner Alchemy of the Fifth Chakra
Light cannot exist without darkness. Light and darkness are deeply inter-related with each other - the emptiness of darkness is the only medium through which light can travel. So too, within a human being, form cannot exist without the formless. The conditioning, the beliefs that manifest our personality cannot exist without the unmanifest, the void, the emptiness that is at the core of every individual.
Subconsciously, we are usually very afraid of this void within us, and cling tightly to our personality, and to the persons and objects in our lives it is associated with. Our identification becomes fixed and rigid through this clinging. Society at large clings to its religious or political dogmas at any cost, war included. Individuals cling to their personal problems and beliefs about themselves or others, even if they are painful ... in fact, especially if they are painful ... just to have an identity, a form. And the formless surrounds us like an infinite ocean.
The polarity of the fifth chakra is between the form and the formless, between belief and mystery. It is impossible to relax deeply into oneself, into meditation, if we remain clinging to a personality, the cluster of beliefs that structure our perception of reality. Everyone feels the tension of this hanging on in their life, to something, to anything. Through being present at the deepest roots of belief within us, we can let go into the emptiness that is at our core. This unique exploration is an opportunity to experience and understand our core identifications so deeply that they naturally dissolve into the formless, shifting our inner gestalt from the false security of our 'known', into the mystery of the unknown within us.