Alchemy Institute - Shock

Inner Alchemy of the First Chakra
Shock can be defined as the layer of numbness that the unconscious mind produces to prevent us from experiencing psychological pain. It is usually so deeply embedded in our energy that we don't notice it in our day to day lives, it feels "normal" to us. Once in a while, a situation or an event will bring this layer of shock to the surface of the conscious mind, and we might feel lost, disconnected or alienated from ourselves and others, or just uncomfortable inside. Sometimes, shock can manifest as a deep feeling of unworthiness or helplessness that one feels completely trapped in. When shock surfaces, most people try to get themselves out of this state as soon as possible, it feels socially awkward and uncomfortable. Many don't even recognize how often and easily they fall into shock in their lives; the conscious mind blots it out. And yet shock can be one of the most creative inner spaces to explore and experience in life. Properly used, it is a direct door to the unconscious, and then to the superconscious mind.
One of the most fascinating things about the inner mechanism of shock is that while one part of the mind goes on burying certain experiences deeper in the unconscious, another part of the mind continuously tries to bring the buried experiences to the surface in a subconscious effort to heal them. This deep inner struggle creates a pattern that tends to act itself out again and again in life, with a feeling that something remains completely unresolved about it. Everyone has had the experience of walking away from a small incident that one could not quite respond to, perhaps some insult from a friend or co-worker. It goes on repeating itself in the mind for perhaps hours or even days later. You re-enact it inside, you try responding in different ways in your imagination, something feels split inside and you keep trying to get the two halves together again. The same phenomenon happens in the deepest layers of the unconscious, reflecting unresolved incidents from many lives. When it happens on the surface of the mind around a small incident, we may be aware of almost all the details, just one small part is missing, and the mind goes on churning around this small part until it falls in place. When the mechanism of shock happens deep in the unconscious we may not be aware of any details at all, just a numbness or disconnection that we avoid feeling. Or perhaps a squirrel cage of energy revolves in circles, around and around, somewhere deep inside of us, and we feel this "around and around" turning in there. Becoming conscious of all the details, the conflicting unconscious beliefs and ideals, buried in and around a shock pattern is its healing.
The sensation of being trapped in a pattern that feels like it lives an unresolved life of its own within us is the hallmark of shock. The energetic symptoms of shock can spread into all the chakras and their layers, forming a unique pattern in each individual. For one person, the second chakra may be more affected, and they might not be able to feel so easily when in shock. For someone else, the third chakra may be more affected, and they feel powerless, they cannot take action. It is interesting to note that whatever the manifestations in the higher energy centers, the primary root of shock can almost always be traced back to the first chakra, the survival center. We have all moved through death many times, falling deeply into shock as it happens, leaving a deep impression of unresolved experiences, and hence, conflicting beliefs about life and what it should have been, interwoven in the fabric of shock. In reality, shock and unconscious are the same phenomenon, and it is this unconscious that moves with us from one life to another.
The beauty of this exploration of shock is the way we enter into a trusting relationship with our unconscious mind, inviting the veil of shock to surround us, to speak in its own language to us. Like the child with the monster under the bed, we allow, and even enjoy the aliveness of giving our unconscious full rein to possess us. Entering into whatever experience wants to be relived, and exploring what lies waiting to be resolved around it, we trust the interpretations of the unconscious as real - because, in fact, the unconscious is trying to communicate something very real to us. That communication is its healing. It is very much like the work of an scientist who finds a bone lying on the surface of the earth, and digging deeper finds another, and another, until he uncovers the whole dinosaur. When we reveal to the conscious mind what has been buried deep inside of us for centuries, we open the door to a very powerful inner healing in our lives.