Alchemy Institute - Fear

Inner Alchemy of the First Chakra
Human life is very short. We waste so much time, energy, and opportunity because of the hidden influence that fear has over our lives. For most of us, fear is like a lock on the doorway to our potential as human beings. Out of ignorance of the nature of fear, we leave the keys to our potential unused and ignored, hiding from life and its challenges in a small corner rather than coming out into the open. In short, we avoid life because of fear.
Fear is a strange phenomenon. It hides, even from itself, like a shadow within us. And yet, fear wields a very powerful influence over our lives from deep in the subconscious. Fear has a grip on us as long and as much as we try to avoid it. In fact, fear is a very slippery thing to catch hold of, wearing many masks in our lives, changing itself into an endless variety of personality affects. It can become anger, neediness, an obsession to succeed or be better than others. It can hide itself deep in the body as a frozen, dense energy, or it can become a compulsion to eat something, like a candy bar. Fear can become acting nice or loving with someone, being quiet in a group of people, or an effort to prove one's intelligence or competence to others. There are many ways that we subconsciously avoid experiencing fear in our day to day lives, unaware of its presence within us. If we turn to face and feel it, we experience our unconscious mind directly, and its influence over us begins to disappear. It is just like bringing light over a shadow. We cannot do anything directly with fear; we only need to bring our inner light and awareness to encounter it.
In this exploration, we learn the art of feeling fear without doing anything with it, gently inviting our individual fears to the surface, and following them deeper, tracing them back to our basic collective fears, of pain, of being totally alone, of going mad, of dying. We approach what we call "fear" as a label or way of naming uncomfortable energetic feelings that arise inside of us when we are faced with the unknown. When we simply allow the energy imprisoned in this energetic form to be accessed, explored, and maybe even enjoyed, peeling away the label "fear" and entering deeper, we connect to a primary essential quality, a courage and passion for life, a different form of strength unknown before.
In essence, we transform our relationship with fear, the way we live it, the way we approach it, our basic attitude towards it. When we make friends with fear, it becomes a doorway to our potential, instead of a barrier preventing us from living.