Alchemy Institute - Love and Aloneness
Love and Aloneness

Inner Alchemy of the Second Chakra
The second chakra is the center of feeling within us. It is related to a layer of energy that surrounds the physical body, which is called the second or etheric body. Like a second skin just above the surface of the body, the second body is constantly perceiving, sensing, feeling the energies and influences surrounding it. Most of the perception that happens through the second body is subconscious and goes unrecognized in our day to day lives; the focus of our society and the way it lives is centered elsewhere. Without noticing it, we feel what we see, we feel what we hear, we feel our environment and the events occurring around us. We feel the reactions and responses happening in our inner world to try and understand what is happening around us in the outer world.
In our modern society, our inner world of feeling is completely overwhelmed, overloaded by the unnatural way we live, and deeply confused by our social conditionings. Our second bodies feel at home in nature, relaxing and opening again if we take a walk in the forest or by a lake. This body of feeling within us also "breathes," as all the subtle bodies have a breath that moves between polarities. Connecting in love, that is to say, breathing someone else into our feeling space, is the in-breath of the second body. Disconnecting to be alone, breathing the other out of our feeling space, is the out-breath of the second body. In so many ways, our societies have not allowed this breath to happen in a natural way within us, and the implications of this run very deep in our lives.
Our social and religious morality is aimed squarely against a free flowing second body that wants to breath naturally, resulting in repressed negative emotions and a deep and abiding feeling that we are "wrong." Within most of us, our second bodies are frozen, unflowing; deadened by our social conventions. Almost all of the issues that come up between lovers, and friends, are found to be centered around the love and aloneness polarity. For most people, love and aloneness stand in contradiction to each other, as opposites, enemies. The search of every relationship is the search for where love and aloneness meet in harmony, as complementaries.
Our minds try to understand this inner world of feeling and its ebb and flow of togetherness and aloneness through a myriad of contradictory ideas, labels, therapeutic ideals, and moral concepts. We have adopted these conceptual approaches to feeling from so many different sources: advertising, religion, popular psychology, the social morality prevalent, our friends, our parents, what we see and hear on television or in movies. "True love is forever," "it is wrong to show anger or feel fear," "anger is something that needs to be gotten out," "emotional wounds are caused by parents," "to find the cause of the wound in the past is the cure," etc....
Alchemy approaches feeling from a completely different perspective: the world of feeling within us can only be understood, and healed, through feeling. Everyone knows this on some level. We have all, at some time or another, opened and expressed our inner world of feeling to someone else and had it boxed up and returned to us in a concept or as something we should do about it. We feel misunderstood, the essential is completely missed. And yet, perhaps because of the way we are educated, we continue to try to conceptualize feeling in ourselves and in each other all the time. This conceptualization is meant as a help ... but it rarely, if ever, helps at all.
Our exploration of love and aloneness creates an environment to understand and heal feeling only through feeling. In an atmosphere of acceptance and love, we explore the many hidden facets of feeling, in relating with others, and within ourselves. Feeling is like the water of a river, flowing into the unknown. It does not move toward any concept or ideal. And feeling moves much deeper than any emotion. When we allow our second bodies to flow and breath naturally, we fall deep within ourselves, in a word, we trust. Trust is the natural state of a healthy second body. And we search for trust in life perhaps more than anything else. Our exploration of love and aloneness is an inner pathway to trust, a trust independent of others, a trust that happens spontaneously out of a deep understanding of our inner nature. Trust is where love and aloneness meet, in a silent unity, within us.