Alchemy Institute - Power

Inner Alchemy of the Third Chakra
The third chakra is often characterized by the element of fire. In our modern society, the true fire and integrity of our third chakra is doused in a mire of politics and politeness. This process is designed for the seeker who has the courage to wake this fire up and turn it inwards, who is tired of the complacency the society has imposed within all of us, who is ready for a deep inner rebellion. It is an intensive exploration of the energetic dynamics and strategies of the ego: comparison, competition, judgment, blaming, domination, control, separation. Our social conditioning disguises the ego's insatiable drive for power under the mask of personality. With the sword of awareness and clarity we cut through the falsity of our masks, penetrating layer by layer towards our genuine individuality and strength, a surgery that brings a radical shift in our lives.
From the moment we are born, we live and breathe in an atmosphere where power is the immediate concern of everyone around us. If you look in any newspaper, nearly all the articles, from the front page to the sports page, are about power, which country, corporation, politician, movie star, sports team, is rising in power, through money, political position, or moral standing, and which is losing power. We are fascinated by the movement and exercise of power. And this is true not only of countries and politicians, but also in our day to day lives.
Our educational system is based on competition and comparison, and as children we are trained and motivated to achieve, to climb the ladder, to be better than others, to be better than ourselves. Our individuality and uniqueness are ignored, and replaced by a personality whose only concern is to find a way to rise higher. Our power games become subtle, sophisticated, and socially disguised. We try to demonstrate ourselves as good, as superior, through what we do and say, and judge people who threaten our ego as bad, reducing them into being inferior. When we judge someone, we often hide it from them, repeating it silently within ourselves or gossiping about them to others. When we gossip, it is almost always about power. And when we feel reduced by someone else's action or judgment, we struggle inside and outside ourselves to regain our lost position. Day in and day out, the effort to dominate and resist domination continues in and around us, partially submerged in our subconscious, and sometimes erupting into conflict in our lives.
On a deeper and much more significant level, we have internalized this struggle for power. Part of us fights to dominate another part, and if we observe it closely, we notice that this has become our whole life. Even our spiritual search, entangled in comparison, becomes an effort to achieve, to rise higher, to improve ourselves. The outer effort to dominate is only a reflection of our inner obsession to become something more than we are. When power trips are allowed the space to become totally alive within us, without any judgement or hindrance at all, a deep alchemical burning happens, releasing the pure energy of true essential power. The discovery of a wonderful, quiet strength to be yourself happens on its own. This exploration of power is an opportunity to bring light and awareness to our power trips through experiencing them, to recognize our subconscious collective obsession around power in all depth and detail. This recognition brings an inner shift of consciousness. Only a deep experiential understanding of power in our lives can shift our inner search ... from achieving ... toward discovery.