Alchemy Institute - Sessions with Upchara
From Problem to Essence (based on the Diamond Logos Work)
What to do with what we call "problems", of any kind; jealousy, unworthiness, power trips, co-dependency, fear, etc? Instead of fighting with them, trying to ignore them or forcefully change yourself, we approach the situation from the perspective of an ancient Sufi wisdom, that is now also transmitted in the DiamondLogos Work. (
A radically different approach to problems.
Each issue or difficulty or dilemma is understood to be simply the outer manifestation of a temporary loss of a quality of our real Essence.
In these sessions, we learn to take the issue as a doorway. The client is accompanied into it layer by layer, using the physical and emotional bodies to go deeper, welcoming whatever presents itself, feeling and allowing, with curiosity and lovingness, gently approaching to the very core. In this way, an intuition, a taste, a direct experience of Essence is possible. We recommend, when possible, a series of sessions to allow the depth and integration of the experience of Essence.
(Only Upchara offers this session.)
Metaphysical Reading

A Metaphysical Reading is unique in the way that it remains deeply rooted in the energetic phenomenon of the chakras and subtle bodies. As such, it has the ability to penetrate into a person's subconscious world very effectively. It is a reading of the play of energies at that very moment in the different chakras and subtle bodies of the client. The language and symbols of a reading communicate directly with the client's subconscious mind and are usually very meaningful to them. A reading translates the subconscious world so that it can be understood by the conscious mind. In a way, a reading sets up an intimate dialog between these two levels of mind, and as they come to a point where they understand each other, changes occur spontaneously in our day to day lives.
The special quality of a reading is the space it creates within the client. As the session progresses, the heart of the client gradually opens to receive what is being said. Something that has been hidden or encapsulated within their subconscious begins to reveal itself, step by step, like a seed opening its shell and beginning to grow. Often the experience is of feeling truly seen. Of hearing words put on intuitions or feelings the client somewhere knew, yet did not quite trust. A reading is one of the most intimate forms that a session can take, touching the core or essence of the issue that is initially brought to the reading.