Alchemy Institute - The Inner Alchemy Process
The Inner Alchemy Process

Finding our way back home
Inner Alchemy refers to the alchemical tradition where it was understood that if you found the "philosophers ston", you would be able to transmute lead into gold.
It was of course a metaphor that referred to an inner transformation.
One of the places where this tradition was rediscovered and brought back to life is the School of Mysticism in Poona, India.
The transformation of what we call "negative" emotions or energies or patterns, old habits and beliefs, happens inside ourselves when we apply the real "philosopher`s stone". This is none other than an essential tool we are all gifted with at birth, an inner instrument of direct clear guidance into seeing and understanding objectively what is, as it is - a Channel of Understanding. In the alchemy work we consciously learn to connect with and open this Channel.
And the heart of Inner Alchemy is love. By love we mean that whatever presents itself within us is welcomed and given space to be exactly as it is. The art of inner alchemy is in learning the knack of accepting whatever manifest itself in the outer layers of life and relating, welcoming it inward as it is.
And the atmosphere, is meditation: the art of Being Present.
In allowing and exploring all the layers that reveal themselves, any issue is transformed into an essential energy, into something beautiful within us, thus revealing more and more of who we are.